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Friday, April 12, 2013

Special Fast

Since tomorrow is Fast Sunday, we're asking that anyone who cares to please focus their faith on the healing of Katie.  She has suffered so much this week with severe pain, and we've come to the conclusion that we're going to have to have more jaw surgery this summer - things just cannot go on like this!  Only this time, we'll have a jaw joint made for her, which she has never had.

In the meantime, she needs relief from the constant pain.  We've got 5 doctors/dentists working with her right now, and they all have differing opinions about what is wrong and what to do, so progress is slow.  Dr. Christensen, though, is right there with us and very concerned.  He is doing all he can to help us find a solution.  Strong pain meds don't help her much at all.  She's missed most of the week's school classes.  

So, thank you if you can fast with us.  We'll be seeing the infectious disease doctor in Provo Monday to rule out any further bone infection, which the bloodwork does NOT show, but which the local doctors think might be hiding.
Now we're seeking to find the right doctor to do the jaw joint building.  We like the guy in North Carolina, David Matthews, but would like to find someone closer. There is one near San Francisco I'm conferring with, but the one in Dallas won't take our insurance and wants $50,000 cash to do it.  So we've ruled him out.

Love to you all!
- Glenn

P.S.  There's some assymetry going on with her face lately; we're not at all sure what's causing that.  Oh, and on a bone density scale, which should measure a value of 360, Katie's right lower jaw measures MINUS 6.  Not good material to work with, and whatever we do will be a tremendous challenge for any surgeon.