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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tailbone Surgery

Katie will undergo removal of her tailbone on Tuesday, 21 May, 2013, here in St. George.  She broke her tailbone 10 years ago in Virginia on a water slide, and has endured the problem all this time.  It caused serious issues during her long hospital stays during the summer of 2011, so we decided it was time to remove it.  We're hopeful it will be a quick and easy healing process so she can get on with life.

Her severe facial pain issues continue, so we're hopeful that Dr. Wells will be able to do a test nerve block in her face while she's in the hospital overnight.  We're also trying to schedule craniofacial surgery for July in North Carolina to build her jaw joints, so that her lower jaw can finally be rotated sufficiently to bring her teeth together and create a chewing surface, which was nearly completely lost during the recent molar extraction (which was supposed to be the root of her face pain, and didn't do a lick of good.)

We're really struggling with knowing where to go and what to do to help this little gal.  She successfully made it through her Junior year of high school, but with much difficulty because of the pain.  Please, Lord, guide us!  She wants to go on to college and become a veterinarian, and needs a more stable face to be able to make those goals.

Thanks again for your prayers.

- Glenn & Pam