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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hi - Katie's had some bad weeks lately with increased pain, plus we've had the bad news from the Doctors in NYC that they don't believe they can help her.  So we're trusting in the Lord and finding some other doctors willing to look at her situation closer by.  We feel it's a blessing to at least be able to focus near home.  We had a fast for her two weeks ago, and we saw some immediate improvement, though she continues to hurt a lot.  At least now she is going to her Paul Mitchell hair school, which she loves.

In fact, she is right now trying to win a slot to go to Paul Mitchell's CAPER, a big hair convention in Las Vegas in February. She's doing very well in her training at the school, but needs to sell 20 more bags to win an all-paid slot to the convention. Please take a look at the bags featured - I think they cost about $32 each, or you can buy an awesome straightener for $65 that counts as 3 bags. Be sure to say you want the sale to go to Katie Whicker. Thanks! Here's the link: ‪#‎Caper15Bags‬
Paul Mitchell Caper Contest

It's a race, so please hurry!  Call 435-656-2178 to order, and mention it's for Katie Whicker.  Thanks! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Super Girl!

Well, the day has finally arrived! Despite surgeries, hospitalizations, pain and other trials, Katilyn Whicker has arrived at the point of GRADUATION!  Tonight, Sunday, she graduated from Seminary, which is our Church's religious education program that is an actual released time period of each school day.  This coming Thursday, she graduates from Dixie High School.  It has been nick and tuck for quite awhile, but she pulled it off.  So, we're calling her SUPER GIRL for now!  (I hope it doesn't go to her head....)  She's still suffering quite a bit of pain daily, but is managing to push through.  She will continue hair school at Paul Mitchell, after we get back from our summer travels.  Thanks for your continued prayers and love.  We may even get to New York to see a specialist on facial pain, Dr. Jeffrey Brown, if we can ever get him to do a phone consult.