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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hi, All – the predicted demise of Katie’s teeth is progressing.  She has been in terrible pain for several days, but it’s been building for several weeks.  There is another tooth that has failed, and there are no other options than to remove it.  Fortunately, Dr. Egbert, whom we saw in SLC last Thursday, thinks there is enough bone to implant a couple of posts to at least give her two or three molars on each side to chew on.  Previous dentists had concluded that her bone density was too low to handle implants, but they didn’t have the expertise of a prosthedontist, so we’re hoping Dr. Egbert is right, AND that the implants will be adequately solid and correctly placed to hold some front teeth too, for appearance’s sake.

Katie is on antibiotics to clear the infection caused by the bad tooth, so hopefully that will reduce the pain.  She’ll see our good, wonderful dental coordinator, Dr. Christensen, tomorrow, so we can get the tooth extraction scheduled for next week. So please pray with intensity that we can get some implants to take hold so she can have teeth.  We were so disappointed that the prosthetic jaw wasn’t an option, because that would have given a good, strong foundation to at least her bottom teeth.  But, come to think of it, it wouldn’t have done anything to help the top teeth, so this is the route we would have had to go anyway.

This continues to be a very stressful thing for our little family here on Charbonne Dr.  We’re counting on your faith, combined with ours, to first, reduce her pain; and then, to allow the implants to take solid hold.

Thanks.  We love you all very much