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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Three and a half hours later, we finally saw Dr Gordon, the craniofacial surgeon. He had an emergency surgery. Had a nice talk with the nurse while waiting. Then Dr Gordon finished answering our questions. This will be a wild ride! KT is extremely happy and animated today - very different than previous attempts. She doesn't seem nervous, and though she won't be allowed to play tennis for 6 months, she seems excited for the benefits of the surgeries. I know she'll second-guess herself on that account once the pain sets in tomorrow, but we all feel good about it everything. Surgery #1 at 9 am tomorrow. Off to see Kung Fu Panda 2 now for a last fling before we start down this long road...
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cincinnati at last!

Made it to Cin City tonight. Luckily, the Ronald McDonald House was able to get us in immediately, so we didn't have to go to a hotel for a week as we thought we would. They are very kind here, and there's food and entertainment besides a clean, comfortable room. KT is in good spirits - glad to be out of the car...

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

St Louis

After going to Church with Tara & Andy's family in OKC, and bidding a fond farewell (we kinda like that little family...), we headed out for our 8 hour trek to St. Louis.  Along the way, we passed Joplin, MO, and saw indications of the destructive tornado that hit there a week ago.  In Springfield, MO, they were having an antique car rally, and we saw dozens of old restored vehicles that were pretty cool, most of them under their own power on the freeway!  We were fasting for Katie today, so didn't eat until tonight after we checked into our hotel at Hampton Inn.  The wind was terribly strong most of the way, and keeping the car on the road was a challenge.  We listened to Volume 7 of "The Work and the Glory" on the way, and it made for a nice trip.  I'm sure we'll sleep well tonight!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oklahoma City

Rolled into the Comfort Inn within about 3 minutes of Tara and Andy and family arriving at the same location. We enjoyed swimming, dinner, and games with them, and plan to go to Church with them in the morning before we continue on our trek to Ohio. Their 4 kids are sure cute! It's fun to spend time with their little family. Katie did an hour's worth of driving on I-40 today in some pretty good crosswinds, so that was a new experience for her - lots of traffic too!


11 hours of driving today; only planned on 9, but encountered lots of construction. Hampton Inn is nice, but arrived too late to swim. KT very bored in car, despite all the electronics. Pam reading "3 Cups of Tea" book to me outloud. Very good!
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