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Sunday, May 29, 2011

St Louis

After going to Church with Tara & Andy's family in OKC, and bidding a fond farewell (we kinda like that little family...), we headed out for our 8 hour trek to St. Louis.  Along the way, we passed Joplin, MO, and saw indications of the destructive tornado that hit there a week ago.  In Springfield, MO, they were having an antique car rally, and we saw dozens of old restored vehicles that were pretty cool, most of them under their own power on the freeway!  We were fasting for Katie today, so didn't eat until tonight after we checked into our hotel at Hampton Inn.  The wind was terribly strong most of the way, and keeping the car on the road was a challenge.  We listened to Volume 7 of "The Work and the Glory" on the way, and it made for a nice trip.  I'm sure we'll sleep well tonight!

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