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Friday, September 2, 2011

600 miles to go

Pam, KT, and older sister Ali with her new infant, made it as far as Independence, MO, tonight safely.  KT's RED device keeps slipping further down her head, causing discomfort, so we're glad she's got an OR appointment in Cincinnati on Monday to correct it.  So sad that they had to go all the way back there to get this relatively simple adjustment made, but no one here dared touch it. 

Tomorrow they'll go the last 600 miles.  So glad I got new tires, front brakes, oil change and beefed up the shocks before they left.  That makes me feel more secure that they'll be safe.  Thanks to G'ma & G'pa for getting Ali & Wade to the rendezvous point yesterday to make that first day's travel more efficient.  And to Jeff & Lynda for taking the dog, Oreo, back for now!  I certainly don't have time to take care of a dog while I'm all alone here, even though I do kinda like the little gal.

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