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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ER, Again!

We found an open abscess in KT's mouth tonight, so the oral surgeon wanted us to go BACK to the ER to see what was going on. We just got home.  They did another CT scan.  It seems the infection was just being drawn to a point so it could be eliminated from the body, but what had us worried is that KT's neck on the right side was hurting, and her shoulder.  Turns out that is probably the lymph nodes doing their job of fighting the infection.  It took them 45 minutes to get the IV in tonight, poking her 7 times - needless to say, KT was VERY distraught, as she hates that! 

In the end, all's going as well as can be expected. She's completely exhausted, and she couldn't eat until 1030 tonight, so she was starving.  This is the last week of school before Spring Break, so she's trying really hard to keep going to school to finish strong, but it's hard.  She has to be back at the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:30 for another IV infusion of antibiotics, so she'll get too little sleep tonight.

Thanks for your prayers.  She has a nurse to watch over her tonight, so that's good. Pam's exhausted from Sunday's activities, and though I tried to get her to go home earlier tonight, she didn't, and now she's going to be in bad shape in the morning too.

Love you all!

- Glenn

P.S. Next weekend, JROTC has a PhysicalTraining (PT) competition in Las Vegas, and we selected the top 6 females and top 6males from our 220 cadets to compete. Guess what? KT made it into the top 6 females in our try-outs! However, she can't go because of this sickness, plus we'll be in Logan for Lyndsey's Temple event. But I was really proud of her -I wasn't involved in  at all, and she won it fair and square. Not bad for a little gal who breathes thru a trach!

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