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Thursday, June 14, 2012


My wife and I would like to thank  you for fasting and praying for Katie 10 days ago before her surgery.  Our entire Stake did a fast the day before, which wasn’t something we expected or asked for, but it made a big difference.  We felt you should know the results.

Katie is recovering very well.  We were surprised at a couple of things:

-        The surgeon did not find as much infected bone as was suspected; in fact, there was very little, but enough to harbor infection; that little bit was removed without having any significant impact on losing bone mass that was previously gained

-        In the cultures taken during surgery, MRSA did not show up, meaning the antibiotic is killing that particular bug.  However, pseudomonas did show up, which can be equally as difficult to deal with.  A change of antibiotics was prescribed to target the new bug.  We also just received notice yesterday that she has yeast growing in there too, so they’ll add another medication today for that.

-        The swelling was not as bad or as long-lived as we’d expected.

-        Her energy levels are slowly increasing day by day.

-        She’s in great spirits!

So, our deep, heart-felt thanks for your efforts in Katie’s behalf.  As I keep telling her, she’s a complicated woman!  But thanks to the many prayers offered in her behalf, she’s getting through this and plans to go to youth conference and girls camp this month.

-        Glenn, Pam & Katie

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