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Thursday, July 26, 2012


KT is at "Especially For Youth" (EFY) this week in Cedar City, and has been having a great time. Last night, her PICC line closed up on her, though, so this morning, Pam rushed up to take her to the ER where, thankfully, the medical staff was able to get it cleared so it didn't have to be removed. She is also having some shoulder pain with it, so they're doing an ultrasound to see why it's affecting her that way.  The good news is that she keeps her PICC, and gets to finish her week out at EFY. 

The reason keeping her PICC is so important is so they can do all the blood draws, CT/MRI contrasts, and IVs over the next year without having to poke her hundreds of times.  She is what they call a "hard stick," in that her veins have rebelled over the years and do not like being stuck, so they recede deep into her and are so tiny anyway.  Few technicians can get an IV started on her anymore. 

She's happy, growing in strength, and looking forward to starting the tennis season on Monday.  Thanks for your love and support!

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