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Saturday, December 1, 2012

All's well

KT is recuperating today peacefully at her Grandma Whicker's house. The surprising thing was that Dr. Sidiqi found nothing that would anatomically cause the pain she has been experiencing. There was, in fact, no exposed bone after all. No infection, puss, fluids or anything. So, either the exposed bone they saw last week healed over in that short time, or, as Dr. S believes, they were only seeing white colored scar tissue.

So, he did nothing inside the mouth, but did make an incision on her right ear nub, to see what was causing the tender soreness and inflammation in that area. Again, he found nothing. No floating bone fragments, no fluid - absolutely nothing. We're all perplexed. It's great that there's no infection, but something has to be causing the significant pain.

We'll be heading to North Carolina on 26 Dec to see our one remaining hope - Dr Matthews. He's an older, more experienced surgeon for Treacher Collins patients. He finally called and has agreed to see her to help us determine what we can do. He has already reviewed her CT scan and uses alternative means of pain control. KT had a very rough night, but should recover quickly from the incision.

Thanks for your prayers and love!

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