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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Prosthodontist & MRI

We sure enjoyed staying with our friends, the Lawvers, in Dale City VA Thu & Fri nights.  They are so gracious  to make us so comfortable!

Friday was a real adventure.  Dr. Dorafshar, the craniofacial surgeon, wanted us to see the proshtodontist he works with before we left, so we went directly to the office of Dr. Sinadi for a quick visit.  He was awesome! We really liked him, and we liked the fact that these guys want to work as a team (surgeon and prosthodontist). We again got great reviews about Dr. Dorafshar.  We thought we'd have a team approach at Cincinatti Children's Hospital in 2011, but Dr. Gordon instead worked alone, and thus, it was impossible for him to accomplish the overall goal.

This is actually Drs. Dellon & Swanson from Thursdays nerve exam
Next, we went to get the "Tesla" MRI, which is supposed to be 3X the resolution of a regular MRI. We ran into some difficulties when we couldn't get the steel caps off of KT's ear implants - which MUST be removed before any MRI can happen!  The implanted part of her hardware is all titanium, and is MRI compatible, but those caps are steel, so they can connect to the magnets that hold on her prosthetic ears. Luckily, Paul Tanner, the guy who made her ears, has a colleague RIGHT THERE at Johns Hopkins, who does the exact same type of work he does. So, while waiting for the MRI (they were way behind schedule), we ran over to Juan Garcia's office, and he removed those steel caps. He had real trouble with one of them, it was on so tight. So even if we had the right tool, if we'd have tried to remove the caps, we'd have ended up removing the entire abutment, which would have immediately closed over and been impossible to get back on.

Unfortunately, after all the hoopla of getting insurance approval on time to be able to get this special MRI while we're still in town, the hardware in her head made it impossible for them to get the 3X images, and instead, were only able to get 1.5X the normal resolution.  Oh, well - we did what was humanely possible.

Because we had to delay the MRI until Friday, we didn't get back to see Dr. Matthews in NC for one last pain treatment, so KT's pain skyrocketed yesterday on our drive from VA to NC, and she's quite miserable as we prepare to fly home today (Sunday).

I purchased our tickets to Minneapolis for later this month, so we'll continue our medical blitz so we have all options in front of us for KT to make a well-informed decision as to which way to go.  

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  1. Oh, that’s a shame about the “Tesla” MRI. It would have been better to get a higher resolution for clearer images, but oh well. Maybe all the delays and the roadblocks were signs that it wasn’t really meant to happen. At least you got the regular MRI with no additional inconvenience for KT. I wish you luck with future treatments!