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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miraculous Renewal!

It's back!!! GOOD NEWS!!!!!.........The airway is BACK!!!!!! Not a large one, only 7mm, but it’s an airway!!! It appears that its disappearance last week was due to swelling, so we are VERY relieved! It was as large as 17mm at one time, so it's less than half what it was, but it's still there. That miracle we were looking for is still "in the works" after all. THANKS for your prayers.

[From Pam] We walked into the appointment Monday, talked to the nurse, then Dr. Gordon and Dawn came in. The first thing out of Dawns mouth was, “How many people follow Katie’s blog? We have had so many calls asking “What happened to Katie’s airway?” So there you have it, power in the internet, getting the message to all those who love Katie and then in turn they contact the Dr. they trust to find out what happened. I figure it’s the people who’s children have seen him and depend on him to help their kids decannulate.

Dr. Gordon thinks the airway was swollen and is now getting back to normal. He also believes he can make the airway stable by doing a second lower jaw distraction in a year or so, with a plated upper jaw distraction after the bone heals well, in, yes, about a year.

[Glenn] We will go ahead with the final surgery on 26 Oct (is that next week already???). Dr G will work on the clefting in her temples, and add some chin, which might help sustain the airway even more than it is now. Then, we hope to come home by about 4 November. Is Katie ever excited to get back to a "normal" life!
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