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Sunday, October 30, 2011


The local Catholic Youth Group came by today to do a Halloween trick-or-treat for the kids, so Katie felt well enough for an hour to get dressed up in her pirate costume and go downstairs to listen to the songs and collect some of the prizes they offered the kids. It was good to see her out and about a bit. As you can see, she's still looking a little rough - like a pirate that was in a battle (but you should see the "other guy!"). She didn't last long, though, and is now resting in the tub.

I think we've turned the corner, and she's on the road to full recovery. We just need to be really careful with her and make sure she gets plenty of rest, nutrition, and keep on her medicine schedule. The swelling in her neck has gone down enough that we need to shorten the trach chain, so there is some obvious improvement. Plus, you can now see a sliver of an eye on the right side!

We didn't make it to church today to say goodbye to the good people in the Cincinnati Ward, who have treated us so well during our long stay here. It's been wonderful to have a built-in, ready-made church family for these 5 long months. They've been just great!
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