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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doing Much Better!

8 Feb 2012
Dear Family,
                I wanted to share how Katie is doing.  An antibiotic was prescribed by Dr. Gordon yesterday.  Glenn tells me that Katie is doing much better this morning.  Her face was bright red yesterday and swollen, today her face is not red, still swollen, but not red.  I asked Glenn to get an ENT appointment with Dr. Marsden in St. George today.  So at 10am Katie saw the ENT doctor, who thought her infection looked like a cellulites infection.  He discovered that Katie has drainage from the back right side of her face into her mouth.  It is one of the places Dr. Gordon entered from the mouth to put bone in her cheek.  Katie says the drainage tastes horrible, but the nasty drainage has moved her to be more regular and particular about cleaning her mouth properly.  This is a monumentous blessing.  I don’t think this kind of motivation would have come any other way! 
                Katie’s continues to have facial nerve pain and her smile has a slight turn up on the right side as well as her brow will arch just a little.  So I was not entirely wrong to believe her nerves were healing and regenerating.  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!  I am wildly excited about this.  The ENT doctor says that it may take as much as a year for the nerves to return to normal.  So she IS going to have her smile back.  I love it!!!!
                It’s time for me to take Mother to see Vada.  So I better go, but I had to tell you the good news.  Thank you for your Love, Faith and Prayers in Christ in Katie’s behalf.  I sooooo appreciate it.  Love Pam

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