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Friday, February 17, 2017

End in Sight!

Katie's jaw was supposed to be wired shut for 6 weeks, which would have been 2 Feb.  However, we were all devastated when the CT scan at that point show very little healing, and the Dr. informed KT she had to go two additional weeks to allow more time for healing.  There was some question as to whether the union of the new bone graft was happening, and Dr. Matthews was concerned.

So, instead of going back out to Charlotte NC last weekend to bring Pam and KT home, I went out for a morale visit, and left them there.  The visit was really nice - we ALL needed it very much.  Hugs, kisses and tears were shared.  I know I came away much rejuvenated, as I had been a little down about the whole process.  Katie and Pam needed my love, too.  So it was good.

KT had her 2-weeks later CT scan on Wednesday, and today Dr. Matthews said it showed enough healing that he was going to go ahead and do the surgery to cut the wires on Monday.  KT is elated!  She's already got the first few meals planned, because all she's been able to eat for EIGHT & 1/2 WEEKS now has been Ensure, soups and an occasional milkshake.

Interestingly, the surgery has opened up her throat and mouth enough that she has started SMELLING things that she's never smelled before!  We didn't expect that little bit of change - she'll ask, "What is that smell?" when a car with bad exhaust is in front of us, or when we're outside and there is a strong floral smell outside, or a good meal cooking somewhere.  So that's been fun.

Even though the fusion of the bone, and the new bone itself, isn't as strong as the Dr had hoped they'd be by now, he feels that allowing her to chew will put pressure on the bone and help it get stronger.  So, we're not completely out of the woods yet - please continue to pray that the new joint will stay together and continue to strengthen.  We know that it is by faith, prayer and fasting that this much progress has been made, and we thank you for your part in that!

Here are some images of the new jaw joint - BEFORE, and both immediately after surgery 8 weeks ago, and just this week.  What to make of it all???

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