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Friday, January 13, 2017

1/2 Way There! With A Pleasant Surprise!

Talk about an eventful day!  Daughter Jami showed up magically at the airport right while we were trading rental cars!  Imagine that!  It was a well-coordinated surprise that was very effectively carried out by all concerned.  Both Pam and KT were pleasantly surprised, and Jami's assistance came in a very timely manner, as I depart today to go back to work.  Thanks for coming, Jami!

We also had a nice visit from Judy Mosher during dinner time, a friend who coordinates all the Treacher Collins Retreats.  She and her daughter both have TCS to a lesser degree than KT, and they are superb advocates for families who need resources to learn about and deal with the syndrome.  She is, in fact, the one who first directed us to Dr. Matthews here in Charlotte, because he performed all of her and her daughter's surgeries.

Yesterday marked the halfway point of KT's jaw being wired shut!  She has learned to sip soup through a straw in the side of her mouth, and to use baby food squeezables to get a bit of flavor in her diet.  She has begun to be able to smell, which she's never been able to do before, so that has increased the intensity of taste.  She says everything tastes so strong!  So that's a nice little unexpected benefit of this latest surgery.  The infection continues to diminish daily, and we continue to pray the bone itself will hold up and fuse where and how it's supposed to.

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