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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Day 2: Carolinas Medical Center

Katie slept pretty well last night, but woke up in a lot of pain. This morning, she got out of bed at Dr. Matthews insistence, feeling quite light-headed. The rib pain makes it hard to move around much. We've started g-tube feedings to get her some strength, and have been trying to get a nebulizer treatment, as she says her chest hurts, but they still haven't filled that request.  She has a low-grade fever, but the Dr. expected that.

 I'm not real impressed with this hospital - they are very slow to respond to requests, and they don't automatically do anything that is considered standard for trached patients.  It's a very good thing that either Pam and I are here 24/7 or she wouldn't get the care she needs at all!

Today, she'll get to shower.  Her tongue is quite swollen, so she can't swallow yet - I think that's the thing that panics her the most.  Her pain is mostly under control, though we feel like we have to beg to get the meds when needed.  Both Pam and I have been pretty insistent, and have thus inadvertenly scared off one of the cute young nurses.  

This is not a great way to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas, but we knew that coming in.  Enjoy this beautiful season, and keep Katie in mind as you pray.

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