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Friday, December 30, 2016

Dreaded Infection!

After KT got out of the tub this morning, her FIRST morning out of the hospital, Pam noticed an abscess forming on her left jaw.  NO!  We've been here before in 2011 - not a happy development.

Dr Matthews is evidently out of town, so he sent Dr. Franks right over to the Ronald McDonald House to examine her.  He said he needed to aspirate the cyst in his office to see if it was clear fluid, or pus.  So we went on over there, and sure enough, it was purulent, full of infection.  So he readmitted Katie to the hospital tonight.  Katie was beside herself with grief!  Since she's been through infection from a previous surgery, it really scares her.  Surgery is scheduled for 0730 tomorrow for Dr. Franks to go in and reopen her up and clear it all out surgically.  We're hopeful that it hasn't compromised the new bone in her jaw.

This is all twisting, turning journey that we'd have love to have avoided.  I called the local Bishop today and he sent over the missionaries, who helped me give KT a blessing.  Please keep her in your prayers.  And thanks for the emails, cards, texts, SnapChats, and packages that you've sent.  They have all helped to keep her hopeful.  But I will say, she is extremely discouraged right now.

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