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Thursday, December 29, 2016

DAY 7: Discharge!

KT is so thrilled to be able to transition to the Ronald McDonald House today!  It is such a comfortable place, and they have therapy dogs that come each week to visit with patients - how do you beat that?!  Plus, it has a tub, and although she won't be able to fully submerge, because of the rib incision, she will be able to soak the lower half of her body.  They removed the bandage from her chin this morning, change her prescription from Loritab (it gives her a bad headache), and got everything else in order for us to go "home."  It'll be nice to be off this night shift - I feel like a zombie...

Ok, for some humor:  since KT's jaw is wired shut, she cannot speak, so she uses her iPad app to do text-to-speech.  For several days, she used a British female voice, which was sometimes hard for me to understand, so yesterday, she switched it to a deep male British voice.  Imagine me dozing off in the middle of the night, and suddenly being brought to consciousness by the deep male voice saying, "Sorry, Daddy, but I have to go potty!"  Oh, man, it just made me laugh!  My goodness, it's nice to find humor in what has been a very stressful situation.

I got my ticket last night to return to work on the 5th of January.  It'll be hard to leave Pam & KT here alone for the last month of her jaw being wired, but it will work.  When I come back to get them, maybe we'll go do something fun together here on the East Coast.

She's got a long way to full recovery still, but things are going in the right direction, for which we are very grateful.  Thanks for your prayers in her behalf.

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