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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fallen Angel

KT's "halo" (RED device) is falling on the right side.  We tried to reposition and tighten it last night, with her screaming bloody murder the whole time, but it's only a temporary fix at best.  We need to get her back to Ohio real soon, where she and Pam will stay until it's all removed the end of October.

At least we were able to get her schooling all arranged while she was here.  She doesn't want to go back, but there are just too many complications happening (very loose teeth is another) that we really need to be there.  I, of course, can't go because of work, so daughter Ali has volunteered to take my place this time.  Her little newborn Wade will keep KT's attention - she just LOVES babies!

KT sure enjoyed getting to see all her friends at school and church this week.  Everyone was so good and loving with her.  Thanks to you all for welcoming her with such open arms & hearts!

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