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Monday, August 8, 2011

Nasal Air


Katie is in no pain, to speak of. She's stronger, happier, more active. And, LOOK at the progress being made in her upper jaw!!! I am just amazed as we enter the final stretch of the airway opening effort. It hasn't been fun, but the desired results are becoming more and more obvious. She can close her mouth, her lips, and you can begin to see how her teeth will eventually be in a place that will allow her to chew normally. We are so happy, we can hardly contain it!

This week is exciting for her, as she was given free tickets to go to a free Cincinnatti Reds baseball game Thursday afternoon, and then to a professional tennis tournament Saturday, where she'll be allowed to get autographs of the athletes! Couldn't be better.

Thanks again to G'ma, G'pa and Aunt Rache for being out there to help out Pam and Katie after I had to return home to work. We'll be back together on the 18th for the drive home; however, her "halo" headgear will remain in place for a full month after our return. When we go back in mid-September, we'll get the hardware removed, and some cheek bones and chin bone implanted.
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