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Monday, August 15, 2011

New Plan

The appointment with Dr. Gordon provided a few surprises today.  Looks like KT will undergo a 6th surgery in connection with this series on Thursday this week, the same day we were scheduled to start our drive back to Utah.  It's a minor surgery, mainly to fix the uneven pull on the post in her lower jaw.  But Dr. G is going to use the opportunity to take a good look at how the upper jaw bone is developing; it's very hard to see the new bone growing there, so he wants to "feel" it while he has her under anesthesia.

So, we won't be able to start home until Friday, a day later than planned.  I hope we can still get home by Sunday evening so I don't have to miss any more work.  We'll still return in mid-September, around the 14th, but not for the removal of the hardware, as we had supposed.  Instead, he'll use that date to wire her mouth shut so everything will be solidly in place for a full month before the headgear is removed. 

She'll wear the headgear all the way until October 26th, a full 6 weeks longer than originally planned!  That's when he'll add the cheekbones, and do some chin and eye work. 

Bottom line:  this effort goes on for much longer than we knew.  Dr. G has to modify the plan each step of the way as he determines what is needed.  Pam says KT's profile is really cute now, so it's doing the job.  This new schedule will really impact her schooling, so we're trying to get some online classes going.  School started today here, so she's already late getting going.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for keeping us all updated, Glenn...and Katie, your pictures are looking GREAT!

    Wanted to tell you about Utah Virtual Academy...it is a program I had considered using for my chillenz, if they had not been accepted into the charter school. I think it is free...and I believe they will even provide the computers. Just thot I'd pass on the idear. :)

    You can "try" a lesson on their website:

    http://www.k12.com/utva 866.788.0364

  2. Hang in there Whickers!! We're all praying for you and especially for Katie. Riley thinks her Halo looks like his football helmet without the top "so she must be really strong to not need the top!". I don't think he knew how right he is!!