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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday, KT had the chance to go to the W&S Professional Tennis Open Tournament. Since she loves tennis so much, this was a GREAT thing! Here she is with her Mom. Notice the gigantic tennis ball, which she bought in order to get autographs of some of the players. She got 7 total signatures, but didn't get the biggest one she wanted: Rafael Nadal, her favorite! However, she did get to see hiim play a game. So she was pretty happy camper yesterday, though they got a lot of sun.

Thursday's the day I fly back out to Ohio to pick them up and drive them home. That is, as long as Dr G is happy with the progress tomorrow during the check-up. She'll come home for a month with the headgear still in place. I got her registered to take two online classes - math and language arts. She'll continue with the other classes she's registered for in high school, but will do it all from home for a month or more. Tomorrow, we'll set the date to go back and have the headgear removed.

Thanks for all your prayers! All the pain and misery is paying off, and it's all looking up. We know your prayers had a strong impact on this outcome, so keep 'em going!
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