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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Today, Katie made some good improvement.  She's back to eating (Ensure, on the pump), she showered, she sat up in the chair for 3 hours, and the swelling and redness has diminished.  They took her off one of the 3 antibiotics they had her on, and her pain has been under control.

I've made arrangements to postpone my departure from here (Charlotte, NC) to next week so we can get her out of the hospital and back to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) before I leave Pam and Katie alone here for the remainder of her recovery.  There is no way we could do this without the both of us while things are so critical.  Once we get a good routine going at the RMH, then I think Pam can handle it.  But right now, there is so much that needs to be done at night, and one person can't handle the care both day and night.

Thanks for your prayers - they're working!

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