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Monday, January 2, 2017

Drain Removed

The drain that was put in during
surgery on Saturday and removed
today, because it wasn't effective.
The washing out of the infected
area was effective, however.
Evidently, the drain they put in the side of her face during the surgery on Saturday wasn't working as advertised, so Dr. Franks took it out at her bedside today.  That wasn't pleasant!  The infectious disease Dr (Richardson?) said they haven't yet got a firm ID on the "bug" that has attacked her face, but there are a "lot" of different bugs growing in the petri dish.  She says that's a bit unusual for a facial infection, but may indicate there was some communication between the mouth cavity and the jaw joint during the initial surgery, as the mouth DOES have many varieties of flora growing in it.

She can't tell if any of the infection has entered the bone, but thinks at this point that there are good signs that it has not:  no fever, and a much improved look to the infected area after only 48 hours. In any case, whether it's only affected soft tissue or not, she'll be on strong antibiotics for an extended period.  The vancomycin really zaps her strength! Her intestines started working today, so there's another sign of progress.

I extended my stay here for another week.  I hope things are more settled by then.

- Glenn

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