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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Under Control, 2 weeks after surgery

It looks like her nausea is under control, finally.  It must have been the vancomycin that caused it, and the extreme weakness.  Yesterday, she was able to walk down the hall 3 times, and shower, and tolerate feedings.  She got stronger and more steady with each walk.  Her infection in the face looks better and better as well.  She still feels wiped out, and keeps signing that she's "done with this!"  But once we get back over to the Ronald McDonald House, she'll be fine.  Today marks 1/3 of the way through the 6 weeks of having her mouth wired shut.

Dr. Franks just came in and said that if she has a good day today, he'll release her to the RMH tomorrow.  So Katie is all for that, and will make sure she has a good day, just so she can get out of the hospital!  I asked if we'd lost any bone healing time due to the infection, and he thinks not.  So 6 weeks is still the goal - one month from now.  Even though they'll treat it as if it was a bone infection, it likely wasn't - they just want to ensure they treat it aggressively so as not to have further problems.

All's looking brighter.  Thanks for your prayers.

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