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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The infectious disease Dr. in Provo confirmed that KT has polymicrobial osteomyelitis in her jaw bone, which is very serious.  She will undergo surgery on Friday to clean off the bones, and to install a PIC line, through which she'll receive antibiotics for 6 months.

Pam is very pleased that the Dr. in Provo (I don't have his name yet) was able to evaluate her so thoroughly and come up with the needed plan, and that he had access to an oral surgeon experienced enough to tackle the issue without us having to go back to Cincinnati.

We pray this man will be guided by the Lord to do exactly what's needed, and to get the road to recovery started.  This has been SUCH a rough road, and poor KT has suffered so much!  Thank you all for your prayers and faith - I know she will yet beat this.

All our love,

- Glenn & Pam, Lyndsey & KT

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