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Monday, April 9, 2012

Turning the Corner

It appears that KT has finally "turned the corner" in beating this face infection.  She still doesn't feel back to normal, but the significant pain has eased enough that she could make it all the way through Church yesterday to celebrate Easter.  At the end of it, she was ready to immediately head for home, though! 

Dr. Bethers was able to successfully do the root canal in her back molar, thus saving the only chewing surface she has on that right side.  We are VERY grateful to him!  There is still one more tooth that probably needs a root canal, which we will try to get done next week.  The blood tests did show that her kidney function was not normal, so they took her off the strong antibiotics to allow the kidneys to rebound.  She'll have more blood taken today to ensure they are bouncing back.

The hyperbaric dives seem to be helping too, so we're thankful for that.  We had to remove her from 2 of her classes (one of them JROTC), in order for her to be able to keep up, since she has these "dives" every single weekday.  But now she won't be quite so overwhelmed, since she's still also catching up from the 1st semester when she was in the hospital.  This has been a really tough year, academically, but I'm proud of how well she's done at keeping and catching up. 

She's done with driver's ed, so tomorrow is her actually driving test.  We're going out to practice parallel parking today.  : )

Thanks to all of you for your love, prayers, and gifts.  They have helped her keep up a good attitude.  We send our love.

- Glenn

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  1. Keeping Katie in my thoughts, I hope life starts to settle down for all of you and the pain finally resolves. Best wishes.