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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still, the pain lingers

We keep thinking we've turned the corner, and found a solution for the facial infection, but it keeps on keeping on.  The poor girl is suffering tremendously.  We finished another round of anitbiotics 36 hours ago, and it seems like the pain and swelling are returning more strongly, so we're trying to get that renewed today.

Friday, the decision had been made to pull her back top molar, assuming infection is lingering there.  However, we realized, that if they pull that tooth, she'll be missing her ONLY chewing surface!  Which would complicate things even further.  There is also the concern that pulling that tooth might bring too much bone with it, and she doesn't have any bone to spare.  It might even break her jaw, which would be terrible.

So, Monday, the decision was altered to first do a root canal on eye tooth #6, which is where the visible swelling seems to come from.  While he's in there, he's going to see what, if anything, he could do toward a root canal on the rear molar - even though he has told us before that there just isn't room to get in there to do a root canal.  (We're getting a 2nd opinion on that issue today from a different endodontist.)  The first guy's aide told us there was another procedure, which I can't recall the name of, where he could go in from the side, by drawing back a flap of gum to get at the diseased root from a more accessible angle.  But now we're getting word that he doesn't want to even attempt that.

So, if this root canal on the eye tooth doesn't resolve the infection, we're likely going to have to pull that tooth and hope for the best.  We have GOT to get rid of that infection!  Her entire body hurts (which is another mystery to the Drs.  They've checked her blood several times and it doesn't show any sepsis, but something is spreading through her body). 

Her school work is suffering big time due to all this, and that's while she's trying to still catch up in English and Math from the 1st semester, which she got a way late start on.  Needless to say, we're all feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. 

We send our love, and ask for your continued prayers.

- Glenn


  1. That really stinks that Katie going through all this! I hope the doctors find a solution! OX!

  2. We're thinking of you guys. If there's anything we can do, please let us know.