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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Pam, Katie & Lyndsey are home tonight.  The PIC line was installed today, but no surgery.  Evidently, there is some disagreement between the oral surgeon (Siddiqi) and the dental craniofacial surgeon (Yamashiro) as to whether to do surgery right away, or give the IV antibiotics a chance to work for awhile first.  So they'll be discussing things next week and come to an agreement as to which way to go.  They do, however, want ALL the upper teeth on the right side to get root canals. 

The antibiotic she's on through the PIC line is a new one (at least I've never heard of it), called ertapenem.  She'll have 100cc's once a day.  We need to check on how this affects kidneys.

Time for bed!  It's good to have everyone home for a bit.  Thanks for your prayers.

- Glenn

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