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Monday, April 30, 2012


We got the unfortunate word today that the infection in KT's jaw bone is MRSA, meaning it is resistant to some pretty high-powered antibiotics.  This is disturbing, to say the least.  The Drs. want to quickly do root canals on two more teeth, so we're doing those tomorrow.  This will eliminate some of the potential harboring of infection.  Then, they'll probably go in and remove the dead bone material that didn't take from her previous surgeries, as that goop also harbors infection.

They put her on a second antibiotic today, Septra, to supplement the one that's going through her PIC line.  Septra is taken orally. 

We're doing a fast for her on this coming Sunday, to plead for the Lord's intervention to help her get past this infection.  It will take all our faith, and the best efforts of the best doctors around, to accomplish this.  KT is in good spirits.

I'm sending Pam to Michigan tomorrow for 2 weeks to help Cami with her new baby, which was due today.  It hasn't come yet, but this ensures she'll be there in time for the birth, and be able to help handle the other hooligans.  It will be good for her get away and be able to focus on something other than KT's medical issues for awhile.  If we end up doing the surgery next week, we may bring her home early. 

Thanks for your continued prayers!

- Glenn

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