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Thursday, July 28, 2011

1st Morning After

She had a rough night; coughing up blood (which was expected); fever (which scared me, but they told me it was expected for the 1st 24 hours); and plenty of pain to go around.  But the PCA (on-demand medicine pump) is doing good - I just hit it whenever I see her heart rate start to go up, and it provides a surge of medicine directly into her bloodstream through her IV.  Her right arm really hurts - she won't even move it, so they took the IV out of that arm (they still have one in her foot and another in her left arm).  That relieved that problem a bit, but she still won't move that arm, so I don't know if it was left in a weird position during surgery, or what. 

She was really sad during the night that she couldn't see, but this morning, she said happily that she COULD see a little bit out of the left eye!  She was very pleased with that.  But it may continue to swell more, so we'll see. 

She said, NEVER AGAIN!  It just is no fun to wake up in this kind of a situation.  She can speak - at first, she tried to sign, and I am so bad at signing that she got really frustrated, so just started talking.  And it's intelligible, so that's good.  Pam should be here any minute to relieve me so I can go back and get some sleep.  This old body has a rough time staying up for 24 hours straight!

Keep praying - she's not out of the woods yet.  The fever is the thing that concerns me most, but they seem to think it's fine and will subside quickly by evening.

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