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Monday, July 18, 2011


Guess who surprised us with a visit? Our very best neighbors in Virginia, the Schnacks! Pam cried, and KT lit up with joy! (I was actually in on the surprise, but I did a great job of keeping it from them until they were actually standing in our midst.) Notice KT's open airway - you could drive a truck through that open airway now! Thanks, Lydia and Kristina, for making our day yesterday and today! It was like a needed ray of sunshine infiltrating our lives.

Well, Wednesday begins Stage 2 of this long, drawn-out process. Dr. G will install the R.E.D. device (see previous post), to rotate KT's jaw upward. The two vertical bars on her present configuration will be removed, but the horizontal pins will remain in place to use in this next effort. He says he's going to be pretty aggressive during Wednesday's surgery, to force her chin upward and wire it in place. If it's too much, and KT can't handle it, he'll release a bit of the pressure and allow us to gradually tighten it again in similar fashion to how Stage 1 worked. We'll see.

KT was pretty quiet after our appointment today; she buried her head in my chest as she always does when she's worried, and whispered to me that she didn't want that device on her. I don't blame her - it won't be fun, but according to everyone we've talked to, it is more tolerable than the distraction she's already undergone.

Please say an extra prayer for KT Wednesday afternoon. We're an "add-on" that day, so the surgery won't happen until after 4 pm EDT. Too bad it's that later in the day, but beggars can't be choosers!
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  1. So glad that you have gotten some visitors. Thanks for keeping us updated, been checking it daily for some news. We will be thinking of Katie ALL day. I'm sure she is on muliple temple roles, but I'll add her again!