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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is the device that will be implanted on KT's head next Wednesday, 20 July. Called a "RED," for Rigid External Distraction device, its job for the first week is to rotate her lower jaw upward, so the lower arms will be attached somewhat differently than what shows in the picture. However, the same device will remain in place when the LeForte III mid-face distraction surgery is performed on 27 July. Its function at that time will change; it will be connected much like what is shown in this photo, to pull her upper jaw forward to match the new location of the lower jaw.

As you can imagine, wearing this thing will not be comfortable. But maybe it'll make a new fashion statement! Instead of teens piercing their noses, tongues and other places, they'll want to be just like KT and wear this kind of device to make their piercings useful.

She'll be wearing this thing for a full two months total: from 20 July to approximately 17 September. The last month of the wear there will be no turning of screws or other movement; it will merely be holding all the newly created bone in place as it hardens and settles into its permanent configuration.
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  1. There's a nice little website, from which I stole this photo, that talks more about the RED - http://redsurvival.org/aboutRED.html