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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heavy Head

Here's KT with the R.E.D. device on. For this week, we're just turning the top screw to pull her lower jaw up to its proper position. The turning doesn't seem to bother her at all, so that's good, but the pins in her skull are troublesome - mostly on the right side, because they are very near to where her titanium screw implant is located, which holds here BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) in place. However, she's had a couple of really good days. Today was especially nice because her Young Women group at Church Skyped with her, to let her know they're thinking and praying for her. They also sent a Care package that she received yesterday. Since friends are EVERYTHING to KT, that was especially uplifting.

The other neat thing about today was the G'ma & G'pa Whicker and her Aunt Rache arrived from Utah! So that was really fun!

Note KT's use of the iPad she received just before we came, as the Student of the Year at Dixie Middle School. She's used it communicate with us when she can't speak, or when she can't make herself understood. It has been a very useful tool!

Still looking to the big LeFort surgery on Wednesday with faith and anticipation. It's purpose, once again, is to create new bone to pull her upper jaw out to meet the new position of the lower distracted jaw.

KT does say that the RED is heavy and makes her neck sore; it actually weighs less than a pound, but you can see that just that much would be pretty straining on the muscles that used to just hold up her head. She's looking for a good neck massage if anyone wants to volunteer!

Thanks for your prayers of faith in her behalf.
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