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Saturday, July 23, 2011


KT is doing much better since yesterday. We visited the pain team, and they helped her with some new medications. We also visited Dr. G, and he loosened two of the screws embedding the R.E.D. into her skull. But honestly, the thing that helped her the most was the visit of her sister, Tara, and her family. They're on their way home from vacation in Michigan, so they swung by (200 miles out of their way), just to spend some time with us. It was an incredibly uplifting visit. KT LOVES her nieces and nephews, so being able to spend time with them was well worthwhile and made her forget all her woes. Thanks, Andy & Tara, for making that happen!

The picture below tells the story - we are definitely making good progress. It all takes time, and there is definitely significant pain involved. But it's these pictures of proof that keep us going. The turning of the screw to raise her lower jaw angle doesn't seem to bother her too much, so we're trying to accelerate it so we can be sure it is in the right place in time for Wednesday's LeFort III surgery.

Wednesday will begin the toughest stage of all - her eyes will be swollen shut for a couple of days, and she's going to look like she's been through a beater when she comes out. Yes, she's scared; yes, we're scared. But we know it is the right thing to just continue and plow through this last step. Please join us in our fasting and prayers tomorrow, Sunday, 24 July - Pioneer Day in Utah! It kinda feels like we're going through the Refiner's Fire this summer, something like what the early pioneers had to endure - only it's our child that's suffering, and we have to just do our best to comfort and sustain her. It's a pretty helpless feeling. Thanks for your love and concern!


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  1. Wow, I can't believe the difference in Katie's airway!! I'm sure things are still difficult, but I'm so exited for Katie for this to be done and to have some great improvements in her airway. Best wishes,
    Robin (and Faith!)

  2. Oh wow! What a wonderful improvement! Amazing. We love and miss you all. Our prayers are with you!

  3. I have been following all of this and have kept all of you, but especially Katie, in my thoughts and close to my heart as you bravely soldier on..... This is amazing, seeing the progress that has already been made -- that airway is incredible! Fantastic! I can only imagine how difficult this all has been and will continue to be for a while but it certainly seems that it will be very much worth it in the end. Hang in there, everyone!

  4. This is fantastic progress. It is really wonderful to see anatomical changes. I'm so thankful all the challenges are paying off. I, like many others who love you, continue to keep you all in my daily prayers.