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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aunts & Uncles

The value of family in a situation like this cannot be overemphasized. Besides the obvious tie to parents and siblings, Katie has been greatly blessed by her aunts and uncles.

Rachael got through to her during a time of extreme pain last night over the phone by talking her through a hot air balloon flight, where her pain was left in a box on the ground - it was still there, but got smaller and smaller as they ascended. They saw beautiful things, and were eventually greeted by angels, and even greater Beings. Rachaels voice was so calm and smooth and tender, that I felt Katie's death grip on my hand slowly relax as she got fully into the closed-eye imagined trip in the balloon. It was so beautiful that I cried. She went right to sleep as the trip ended. THANK YOU, RACHE!!!

Later in the same night, Katie had another extreme pain episode, and I suddenly remembered that Jeff & Lynda had uploaded some new videos of Katie's dog, Oreo, which they are keeping for us until we get home at the end of the summer. So I pulled out the laptop, and we spent 40 minutes watching those cute dogs (Jeff's family have many!), playing and enjoying life. Katie was FULLY absorbed in it, and again, we got her mind off the pain. What a blessing - THANKS, JEFF & LYNDA, for knowing exactly how to help this little gal.

We're not quite sure why the pain level is still so high at the 4-day, 96-hour point since surgery. It should be settling down, but is not, so the pain team today is trying to come up with a better solution. Her stomach hurts with all the meds she's getting, so that complicates things. Her Mom gave her a shower yesterday, and today, we've made her sit in a chair, and are going to have her take a short walk twice. We've got to get her out of the hospital so she can start enjoying other things and not sit there rotting in the bed. For instance, today at the Ronald McDonald House, they have therapy dogs coming at 2 pm - just perfect for KT, but she's not her to enjoy them! So please pray specifically that she can get the pain under control and be released from the hospital to enjoy life. We depend on your prayers! We're getting worn down in our old age from this all-night stuff...

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