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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bionic Woman!

This is VERY revealing. This x-ray was taken last Monday, after only 5 days of turning the screws, and you can already see the airway opening up! Remember that earlier picture that showed where her airway is completely collapsed unless the Dr. was tugging at her jaw so hard as to barely get it open? Well, now that airway is opening up due to the distraction, and we have a lot more movement yet to go. Progress! Despite the intense pain and the stress of all this, we are making progress! Another x-ray Monday will show any further increase.

I also thought you'd find her x-rays interesting anyway, due to the number of extra peripheralnia she brings to the world: trach, trach chain, hearing aid, distractors; and this doesn't even show her g-tube!
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  1. The thin black line is the airway - very narrow, but it was completely absent before we started distracting. - Glenn

  2. This xray provides great clarity on the progress. I appreciated the tags added to the image that makes it easier to understand the anatomy.