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Monday, June 13, 2011


Though there is still plenty of pain to go around, things lightened up today in the Dr.'s office for her weekly check-up.  Katie wrote on her iPad:  "I guess I don't want you to punch Dr. Gordon in the face because he might "accidentally" make a mistake in my next surgery!"  I about busted up laughing!  She is quite the corker.  She also laughed (painfully) a couple of other times today - once, when she ready Dani Jensen's beautiful letter and those of her darling children (thanks!); once when she read Lyndsey's blog update; and once when we walked into the room after having left her alone while we ate, to find her with her feet buried inside the pillow case - her feet were cold! 

So, things are looking up a bit.  For now, we decided not to have the upper pins replaced by metal plates to try and reduce her pain because it appears that the pain is slowly reducing each day, just as her blessing promised.  There is some concern, though, that the occipital nerve in her cranium is being irritated, which may be causing her left-face pain, including pain in the rear of her skull.  If that worsens, we can still go back at any time to have that surgery done.

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