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Thursday, June 16, 2011


The adjustment to Katie's distractors went well yesterday.  We had them give her a calming agent before wheeling her into the operating room, but it didn't help at all - she still clung to me for dear life while they put her to sleep.  However, the beauty of it all is that SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Not a whimper, nothing.  I could hardly believe it.  And this without hardly any medication, because since she didn't wake up, I didn't wake up to give her any.  So this is a big change, and definitely worth the effort to go through another surgery.  Dr. Gordon didn't do exactly what he had planned to do because the hardware he had wasn't long enough for KT; so instead of installing plates into her skull as the upper anchors, he merely moved the upper pins lower and more forward on her face.  But it did the trick.  They were just disturbing too much the temporal area, since her jaw joint is floating and there wasn't enough stability there to do the trick.  More pix coming.  Thanks for your prayers - it all worked to her benefit.

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