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Saturday, June 25, 2011


KT got together with another little gal, Sydney, who is going through the same jaw distraction process today. Syd used to live in Cedar City, so we have met her before, but they moved to California. Don't they look fashionable in their distractors? As you can see, KT is doing quite well - very little pain since we stopped turning the screws; of course, that is gaining us any progress! So back we go early Monday morning to have that top pin moved once again to get it off a molar nerve that caused the unbearable pain. We hope he gets it perfectly place this time, so we can get the maximum growth of the jaw.

KT had a few really good laughs today, and says it hurts when she smiles! The first was when I showed her how much her new dog, Oreo, is costing us, since she, too, needed surgery. What made her laugh was that the Vet's invoice named her "Oreo Whicker," and her cousine (Jeff's dog), "Taz Whicker." For some reason, that just set her off giggling for a couple of minutes! It was fun to see her in such good spirits.

We enjoyed our two days with Cher's Annual CCA Retreat (Children's Cranofacial Association) in Louisville, Kentucky. Met many old friends (Meg, Francis, the Crawfords), and made many new friends. We went to the Louisville Science Center, where we had lots of fun on Friday. Today (Saturday), we went and saw Cars 2, which was a pretty fun flick.

Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers. If KT rebounds quickly from Monday's revision surgery, we hope to travel to Michigan Friday to spend the holiday weekend with Cami and her family (KT's oldest sister).
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