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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie Debut for Katie

This is for you Katie. We all wanted to do something for you, without really knowing what, so we made you a movie. :) Hopefully it lifts your spirits a little!


Jami, James, Lyndsey, Addison, & Ella


  1. best parts: ella singing at beginning, addie singing while mother brushes hair, and addie saying "im the lost princess".
    and jami as flynn rider haha i LOVE this!!!

  2. I love that the tradition you girls started ~ continues! (This cheered ME up & I wasn't even struggling!)

  3. OH DEAR HEAVENS! Soooo fun. My children are now reenacting :)

  4. Fabulous...what a great mom!! Now that's a lot of love.

  5. You guys are AWESOME!!!! Jaycee, Callee, Grandma Connie, Aunt Misti, and I all just watched that and LOVED it! Jaycee plays out the entire movie by herself almost every time she watches that and I love to watch her do it, but it was FABULOUS watching you three act it out as well! :) LOVE YOU!

  6. I finally got time to a watch. What a great show! I'm so happy to see good triumph. Love, Grandpa Glenn