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Friday, June 3, 2011


At least in this picture, her eyes are open! But you can see that she's more swollen. Last night was pretty rough again - her pain levels have not been decreased much, so when she's awake, she's absolutely miserable. We're just hitting the 48 hour mark since surgery, so the Drs. all say the downward pain trend should now kick in. Dr. Cook, who I met just this morning, said that due to her unusual anatomy, Dr. Gordon had to cut the jaw bone lower than normal, which must be adding to the pain. Anyway, they just put her on Toradol this morning, which is the miracle medication that helped me so much when I had my amputation, so I'm hoping it does the same for her. We're hoping she'll start feeling better today. We certainly will not take her home today, though - too much pain still. It's hard when she gets to the end of her rope, as she really gets agitated. They finally started giving her a dose of Valium between pain doses, to keep her calmer. She needs to learn some focus techniques like Ali used during childbirth (and I assume you other girls did too). So if anyone can call her today and talk her through some of those techniques, it might be helpful. Mom and I haven't been too successful at talking her into trying that idea. Here's what she wrote on her iPad this morning: "I want to punch Dr. Gordon in the face!"

Please continue the prayers - we have a long ways to go.

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