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Monday, June 13, 2011



  1. Glenn and Pam,
    It is wonderful to follow KT's surgery, its tough to see her in pain, but the x-rays are amazing to see what has already changed in just 2 weeks! Thank you for sharing this tough but important time in her life.
    We had hoped to be there this summer doing Faith's 2nd distraction, but finances and insurance may push it to next summer. It would have been great to meet you guys in person.
    Best wishes to Katie for her pain to continue to decrease and for her airway to keep on expanding!

  2. Thanks so much for posting the x-rays, especially for us medical people. The progress and the change is incredible. So much appreciate you doing this blog we all are wondering and praying and being kept up to date really helps. Hope each day brings relief for Katie, got her names in the temple again, the last 2 weeks of praying sped by! Becky

  3. Amazing the change in such a short time! She deserves to be in pain! :) You two are also amazing to help her go through this. True patience, love and strength comes from you all! Keep the Faith! Prayers will not stop! Love you all! :)