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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Number 3

We just got called by Dr. G.  He was unable to secure a custom-made device from Germany in any less than 6 weeks, so he wants to go ahead and reposition the top pin again early Monday morning.  We asked about the idea he had brought up earlier of the "halo" device, and he said we could go that route, but as he'd considered it over the last couple of days, he decided we wouldn't be able to get the same amount of bone growth with it as with the normal device she now has on.  So he wants to try one more time to reposition the pin so as not to cause severe pain.  I don't know what to think.  I asked him why he thought he could find an area that would work when he has said how difficult it is to find any workable space in there.  He said that this time, he'd take more time to "peel things back" and look deeper to ensure he stays away from teeth and eyes.  Please give us some feedback!  We need some input here...  (send to whick@juno.com)

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