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Saturday, June 11, 2011


What could be better than the largest dog known to man, coming right to your doorstep? This is "Jake," a New Foundland therapy dog brought by today for the kids in the RD House to see. Katie did not want to leave the room, but I insisted, and took her down. When she got there, she was immediately enthralled, not only with Jake, but with another little therapy dog (whose name I failed to get), but who is a Shitzu, with almost the same coloring as Oreo, the dog Aunt Lynda and Uncle Jeff are training for KT's return. So this was a positive move.

We lost Katie's hearing aid for a couple of hours this morning, and we considered being frantic about it. But logic prevailed, and we knew it HAD to be in the room because we hadn't been anywhere! After two hours, it showed up in her suction machine bag. KT really enjoyed her bath this morning - she's only been able to take showers in the hospital, and it's no fun having to stand to shower. But relaxing in a tub? Now that's sheer ecstasy!
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