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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Motivation is a great thing. Yesterday, the Manager of Ronald McDonald House posted a note on a dry erase board that someone had donated REALLY GOOD seats to the Taylor Swift Concert Tuesday in Columbus, which is about 1.5 hours from us. So I called to see if KT thought she could be ready to be released from the hospital by today, Tues, so we could take her to this concert that she's always wanted to go to. She'd have to be up and walking, "everything" moving, showering, and pain level under control. She said "YES!" she could be ready. Magically, her pain level went way down for much of the day, and her attitude and effort have increased dramatically. There really is great mental value to the idea of having something to look forward to!

However, the doctors say she isn't ready to be released today, but they will give her a pass for the evening to go to the concert. So we're adjusting her meds such that she'll be able to make it to and from without major pain. The reason she can't be released yet is because they need more time to wean her off the heavy narcotics to more home-style medications, and they think it'll take two more days to accomplish that.

Needless to say, KT is very excited to get a break from the 4 walls of this room after almost a full week. She still has some pain behind her left eye, and I'm sure this little jaunt outside will be difficult for her, but she thinks it's worth it, and thankfully, the doctors are cooperating - I think they see the significance of the mental adjustment this carrot has created within her. Thanks for your prayers and fasting; keep on praying! There's still plenty of pain to go around...

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  1. Did she go? How did she do with the concert? That was great that someone donated tickets to see Taylor! Wow