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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We were hoping the 3rd time would be the charm, but so far, not so. KT had her pins repositioned yesterday morning, but when she woke up, they had a very difficult time getting her pain under control, so they admitted her to the hospital for overnight. She didn't do very well overnight, awakening each 1.5 hours in pain. We can only hope things will improve today (Tuesday). Dr. G felt like he had to move the bars closer into her face, because the bone that was being created wasn't as strong as he thought it should be after sitting for a week without turning. So he's trying to stablilize things more. But it seems like that is less tolerable for KT. She's again complaining about the back of her head and her eyes. Please pray that the swellling will decrease quickly and provide her sufficient relief that we can turn the screws for 2 more weeks. Then we'll let it rest for a week before we start the upper jaw distraction. Still a long road to hoe.
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