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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Surgery

She got real agitated as the guerney was rolled down the hall, saying she didn't want to go to sleep, and clinging to me hard.  They let us stay with her until she was asleep.  This is the hardest part of these surgeries - it breaks my heart because she gets so fearful.  I understand the feelings well, now.  As they rolled ne into the OR to amputate my leg, I remember well the overwhelming urge to jump off the table and RUN!  I had to pray extra hard for calmness, so I tried to whisper into KT's head to pray for peace, and I prayed aloud for her.  Next time, we'll ensure they give her some Versed or something to settle her down before they roll her out.

Attached is a shot of the 3D model of her skull.  You can see clearly the need, as only her back two molars meet.  She has adapted so incredibly - to function as well as she does with these obstacles.  That she can even eat, speak, and breathe is amazing.  She has done so well, everyone, including herself, has become convinced all is well.  But these surgeries will make significant improvements towards her independent adult life.  Hard as it is...


  1. Bless your perfect tender heart, & the beautiful sensitive heart that your bride has as well, Glenn! I am so with you, in MY heart...I can find room for nothing but you three in there since 3:01a today. I love you all...xoxoxo ***Rachie Smache

  2. I can't fathom the fear. Heart wrenching. Y'all are in our prayers and on the temples prayer roll as well. Love that you prayed out loud for her. Giants of faith!

  3. I posted that last comment and it says I'm sweet touch. Nope. Just Jeff Hall